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Foie Gras and Specialties

Grocery Stores

France has several large chain grocery stores. They are more like a Super WalMart, meaning that they have not only groceries but also small and large appliances, jewelry, electronics and garden centers. There are also discount supermarkets, much like a Shopper's Food Warehouse, with no frills and large quantities.

BRING YOUR OWN BAG!!! There is no "paper or plastic" at the check-out. In fact, there are NO bags at the checkout. Be sure to bring your own. The cashier does not do any bagging, nor do they have baggers. You do this yourself.

Shopping carts are available in the parking lot - BRING A EURO!!! The cart has a slot into which you insert a euro (or a token the size of a euro) to release it from the chain of carts. Your Euro is returned to you when you return your cart into the cart chain.

Large Supermarket Chains
(Sites in French language unless noted otherwise)

Discount Supermarket Chains
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City Supermarket Chains
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Art de Table