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Air Travel? Look here to find the Best Seat and great Ticket Prices

Find the Best Seat on the Plane

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Find Great Ticket Prices

Do you really want to travel in that cramped cabin with mystery meals, screaming babies and a class trip for teenagers?

Compare the fare! So often the Business Class experience is nominally more expensive than the rising Coach fares with their nickel-and-dime add-ons and ever-changing baggage fees.

Business Class is not much of a splurge when you consider the relaxing lounge with food and drink, roomy seats in-flight, most of which become beds, and the attentive service. Arrive rested rather than frazzled - and you will get so much more from your vacation dollar.

Business and First Class

Brellie and friend Mushroom in business class bed
Brellie and friend Mushroom
Business Class, Air France