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Fixed Price

Chemin du plessis, 44250 St Brévin-les-Pins, FRANCE
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Fixed Price

at lunch on weekdays

from Tuesday to Friday

16,50 €
starter + main course
main course + dessert

22 €
starter + main course + dessert

* * *

SERVED every night at dinner and Saturday lunch
(except Sunday and Holidays)

24,50 €
starter + main course + dessert

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5 Starters - 5 Main Courses - 5 Desserts

This menu changes according to the market

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We are open
Tuesday: 12h-14h30 * Wednesday: 12h-14h30 and evenings by reservation * Thursday through Saturday: 12h-14h30 and 19h30-21h30 * Sunday: 12h-15h