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Plan - Pack - Go - Enjoy
The Brellie Way

Brellie shares the best France travel information. Learn from her tested collection of crucial tips and useful information for your vacation in France.

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Before You Go on - explains Calendar | Finance | Getting Around | Health & Safety | Language | Pack

Be well-prepared to maximize your vacation time. What to pack? Make a room reservation. Plan your finances. Is there an ATM in France?

Learn French food words and the temperature in Celsius.
clip of food word translation thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius

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Regions on - features favorite destinations with restaurants, sites, accommodations: Côtes d'Armor | Indre et Loire | Loir et Cher | Loire Atlantique | Vendée

See photos of food from her menu choices and some restaurant recommendations
signature first course at Terre et Mer in the Vendée oysters at Vesuvio in Pornic
Cross the Gois, an ancient road built on the sea floor, to visit the island of Noirmoutier in the Vendée.
The Gois at Low and High Tides
Visit a French market
Brioche Bonnin at La Bernerie market

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Renting on includes: Rent a Vacation Getaway Home | Lease or Buy a Car in France

Experience France like you really live there. Learn how to rent your own French vacation home, apartment or villa for a week or more.

Learn how to lease or buy, yes BUY, a car in France.
car from Auto France car from Auto France

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Shopping takes you to: Food (Cheese, Chocolate, Foie Gras and Specialities, Grocery Stores) | Art de Table

Get the perfect gift from a specialty store.
Explore the local supermarkets for the French flair on food.