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2, Rue des Écus, 85170 Le Poiré-sur-Vie, France
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Le Genista entrance

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Le Restaurant is open:

from Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Closed Tuesday dinner and all day Wednesday (consult us for Wednesday dinner).

Limited seating. Advance reservations strongly advised for groups of 10 or more.


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Friends Gather Here

Diners enjoy a meal together
diners enjoying a meal together


Salmon tartar and mango espuma with lemon/vodka
photo of salmon tartar and espuma
Fine tart of shrimp and asparagus with pesto
photo of shrimp and asparagus starter
oysters on the half-shell

Main Courses

Duck cassoulet - Chef Serge's specialty
photo of a happy diner with her cassoulet duck cassoulet photo de cassoulet du canard
Skewered - Veal Hanger Steak
photo of veal hanger steak on brochette
Steak Tartar
photo of steak tartar with raw egg yolk and new potatoes

Cheese and Dessert

Béatrice has selected the cheese platter for you
Beatrice selects the best cheese Select your cheese from the platter plate of cheese ready to eat Bea with her latest cheese platter Cheese platter at Restaurant Genista
Dessert Combo
Dessert trio including chocolate molten cake, ice cream, whipped cream

Our Producers

Our Lamb Farmer delivers his fresh product
photo of lamb farmer delivering product to restaurant

Sample Ardoise

Ardoise from May 2016
photo of sample ardoise in May