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School Holidays

Many French people vacation during the School Holidays. Expect crowds in popular vacation destinations. Expect heavier traffic on the first and last days of the school holiday. School holidays are not national; they differ according to the particular region of France.

National Holidays and The Bridge

These dates stay the same each year: January 1 | May 1 | May 8 | July 14 | August 15 | November 1 | November 11 | December 25

These dates change depending when Easter falls each year: Easter Monday | Ascension | Whit Monday

Expect most places to be closed, including banks, government, stores and businesses.

The Bridge is a French custom of adding a holiday when the official holiday falls on either a Tuesday or a Thursday. If Tuesday, then the bridge is on Monday. If Thursday, then the bridge is on Friday. Expect similar closings on the day of the bridge as on the actual holiday.

Store Hours

Stores in France rarely open on Sunday, including supermarkets. A few supermarkets open on Sunday morning. Many stores observe a lunchtime closing of an hour or more. Stores are rarely open after 8 pm. Many stores close on national holidays and bridge days.

Days of the Week

The French calendar starts on Monday!

monday = lundi; tuesday = mardi; wednesday = mercredi; thursday = jeudi; friday = vendredi; saturday = samedi; sunday = dimanche