Le Vésuvio

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3, rue Prépoise, 44210 PORNIC
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estelle and christophe, proprietors of vesuvio

☞ Menu for 16,50€ ☜

♦ Starters ♦

♦ Main Courses ♦

♦ Desserts ♦


Estelle and Christophe welcome you to their restaurant. Look for Christophe making pizzas behind the bar. At your table, enjoy a warm welcome from enthusiastic and efficient Estelle.

3, rue Prépoise, 44210 Pornic, a small alley just off the main quay

Perhaps the best bargain in the region. Yes, it's a pizzeria. But the bargain is the 3-course fixed-price meal. Start with a choice of oysters, mussels, or composed salad and sometimes fish soup. Follow with the main course options of pizza, lasagna, spaghetti and sometimes a steak. Finish with a traditional French dessert like chocolate mousse or Île flottant or any of the dozens of ice cream selections.

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Closed Tuesday night and all day Wednesday.